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Perfect Balance Training Center

Perfect Balance Training Center is a Gymnastics Facility centered on making gymnastics a fun and fulfilling activity for children at any level from preschool to competitive team. We strive for excellence in both teaching gymnastics skills and keeping kids fit, but also to help kids learn valuable life lessons such as work ethic, time management, perseverance and social skills. While we want to create a successful program and successful athletes, our main goal is that our athletes leave their class or practice feeling a sense of pride in what they did that day. Perfect Balance wants to help families create well-rounded kids who work hard and love what they are doing. We encourage kids to set their own individual goals and work daily to achieve them.

“My daughter loves her workouts with coach Brook! She is learning new things in every class, but is more importantly having fun! The staff makes coming to Perfect Balance more than just a class … it’s fun for all!”

Ashley Powell

“Great group of people all about gymnastics who show a lot of love to the girls on their team.”

Erica Tillery (level 3 team parent)